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Spirited Outreach; Boating it Forward, 
National Youth Outreach Program 

The Spirit of America Foundation presents a new and exciting project utilizing our young graduates to reach out to their own Family, Friends, and Neighbors (FFN) in an effort to introduce entire communities to the importance of boating and water safety education, ultimately assisting in saving lives on, in and near the water. Spirit of America Program Scope:

  • Over 300 SOA instructors in 18 locations across America
  • Nearly 1,000 students will graduate from the 2016 SOA programs
  • SOA graduates spend 40+ hours in skills based on-water training
  • Graduates are between 11-14 years of age (5th – 8th grade level), the perfect age to stay ahead of the ‘bad boating behavior’ curve and share their safety knowledge

Our Graduates are ‘paying it forward’ creating future generations of ‘SAFE-SMART’ Boaters Spirited Outreach; Boating it Forward, A National Youth Outreach Program.

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